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Thursday’s Meeting

May 31, 2008

We were missing a few numbers and regulars from our monthly meeting because they had other commitments but it was great to see some new faces and talent. The Beehive came all the way from Dingle, we met new writing talent, editors and graphic designers, and a couple of videographers.

It’s always good to meet new faces who are interested in filmmaking and I have to say that there was a palpable buzz in the room from a group of people who are eager to get involved in a project(s). Watch this space to learn more.

Brian kicked things off with some examples of what talented filmmakers can achieve with limited budgets like the Zelda production which DV Rebels referred to at NAB:

More impressive was Gareth Edwards special effects for the BBC’s Attila The Hun – click here for more details and download shot by shot QuickTime movie

All very exciting stuff… and then Daithi and Pat arrived to tell us about their RED adventure and new movie, Spiderhole.


I’d been looking forward to this all week and it was well worth the wait. I’ve been hugely impressed with this project ever since I stepped foot on the set for a quick peek. The set was simply AMAZING and enough praise can’t be heaped upon Daithi for his role in creating a fantastic and creepy environment. And, likewise, Pat did a miraculous job in bringing this enormous production together; it was truly inspiring to see what can be achieved with talent, hard-work, and the drive to succeed at all costs. Brilliant job, guys!


Michael Kelly filmed the Spiderhole talk as part of the ongoing “Making Of” documentary and I’m really looking forward to hearing and seeing more about this project. Pat’s raw energy and willingness to get things done yesterday is refreshing and inspiring and again, for a first time producer he has performed miracles in bringing Daniel Simpson’s (writer/director) vision to the screen with the revolutionary RED One. You can learn more about Spiderhole by reading the blog – click here


So, all in all, it was an interesting meeting where we talked about what we’ve done in the past and given a glimpse of where we’re heading in the future. We met some new and exciting talent and one or two members expressed interest in developing new film projects this year. We talked about workshops and watched some educational videos and… behind closed doors we whispered about buying a RED.

Exciting times, indeed!


RED One vs EX-1

May 29, 2008

Here’s an interesting piece of footage which was posted by Jim Arthurs over at He compared the RED One and Sony EX-1 side by side in a blue screen test.

The RED was equipped with the RED 18-50mm lens and lighting was daylight balanced to help reduce noise. The data rate was the 36MB/sec best quality, firmware build was 15. ASA was 320 and the stop was a 4-5.6 split. 1/48th shutter, 24fps. So, everything possible was done to put the RED in a good light.

The EX1 was set to standard gamma 3, very light knee starting at 90 IRE, no color matrix, no detail, black at -5, and -3db gain. 1/48 shutter, 24fps and the same f-stop as the RED. The firmare on the EX1 was what Sony sold him when he bought the camera. He recorded out HD-SDI to a VelocityHD NLE, 8bit uncompressed.

REDCINE processed the RED footage, no sharpening, high quality extract from the full 4K data to 4K EXR files. These were then loaded into Digital Fusion, along with the Velocities native uncompressed 8bit file format of the EX1 footage for compositing.

Primatte was the keyer, and after some color balancing to get both images in the ballpark, the same basic key setting were applied to both, and the images keyed over a medium grey background.

The RED footage was treated at 4K right until it was scaled down to 1080 and merged over the background.


I guessed correctly which camera was which but wow does the EX1 do a good job at 1080. See if you can decide which side is RED and which side is EX1…


The Dark Knight

May 28, 2008

I wouldn’t call myself a Batman fan but Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite filmmakers and I love what he did with Batman Begins (and I can only imagine what he’d do without any studio interference!). The Batman films had become a laughing stock – camp super heroes and crappy villains were enough to turn anyones stomach – but Nolan has brought us back a little closer to the darker side and true nature of the Bat.

And I just can’t wait for the release of The Dark Knight… it looks fantastic and Ledger promises to blow us all away with his portrayal of The Joker.


The Perfect Choc Ice

May 28, 2008

So we made the trip back west last night and it was great to visit The Phoenix and the O’Sullivan family again. We got our “proper” Admit One tickets that you can’t find in today’s theme park cinemas and Jason bought his traditional Choc Ice.

Before the film begin, Mr. O’Sullivan informed us that Sydney Pollack had just died, next weeks film would be Mike Leigh’s “Happy Go Lucky”, and Jason came to the startling conclusion that the Phoenix serves up the perfect choc ice; he couldn’t explain why but insists that they just don’t taste as good anywhere else in the world. I suggested that maybe the warm heat in the cinema might have something to do with it and this seemed to strike a chord with the Samhlaiocht Art Director. “It just might be…”

The film was arse numbing. I’m not a Stones fan but I do love Scorsese so I did find it enjoyable up to a point. Put it this way, it felt like a three hour concert when in fact, the movie is no way near that long…. At about the halfway point I got the faint smell of feet from somewhere and 10 minutes later, from the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a big bare foot tapping away to the music beside the arm of my chair. The guy behind me was obviously enjoying the show… in fact, the movie got a round of applause when the credits went up… but I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Still, all in all, it was a great night and we talked films all the way there and all the way back; just like old times. We also discussed the Kerry Media Network, buying a RED, the Kerry Film Festival, and new projects in the pipeline; speaking of which, make sure you all turn up to tomorrow’s meeting at The Tom Crean Center. We can’t promise to serve up the perfect choc ice but it promises to be a very interesting evening so, see you there!


Shine A Light

May 27, 2008

So, Scarlett isn’t coming to town after all… just a clever plot by Jason to commit me to travel to Dingle to look a group of walking corpses playing a concert which was filmed by Martin Scorcese with the help of some of the industry’s leading cinematographers. Ah well…


The Phoenix, Strange Smells & Scarlett Johansson

May 26, 2008

The Phoenix in Dingle is a family run cinema that has always struck me as a throwback to old, world charm.

Some Kerry Media Network members used to religiously travel back west every Tuesday for the “Art Film” and tea & biscuits. Maybe it was the ever increasing workloads, maybe it was the harsh winter nights, or maybe it was the strange smells that no-one owned up to on the return journey in the car… but for one reason or another we all had a little break from the Art Film Nights.

And then Jason O’Mahony alerted us all that Scarlett Johansson was going to be in town…

As exciting as that sounds, make no mistake, we’re primarily making the trip to Dingle in the name of Art but whatever, it’ll be great to tuck into the biscuits again, listen to the charming film introductions, rip the film to pieces on the journey home, and catch up on who’s doing what and where with their own projects.

There’s one seat left in the car at the time of writing so contact if you fancy the trip back west. And in case you’re worried about the strange smells… well, the best I can do is assure you that it’s a window seat!



May 23, 2008

Next KerryMediaNetwork meeting is 29 May 8pm – TOM CREAN CENTRE

I’m really excited about this one because it’s been agreed to concentrate on Pat’s Spiderhole film. Himself & Daithi will discuss the film’s production, show some footage and trailers, discuss the RED workflow, etc, and who knows, they might even sign autographs if ye ask nicely enough.

We’ll also be meeting some new members, discussing further projects and developments, and I might even bring a packet of chocolate biscuits or something. As usual €5 at the door is appreciated (new members are more than welcome to come for just a look). Let’s see as many skins as possible at this meeting!