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A Film’s Message or Theme

July 31, 2008

Rory and I made the trip back west to watch “Honeydripper” and it was a charming movie.

On the journey home we discussed filmmaking and a couple of projects that are being considered by KMN members. This led us on to writing styles and story premise. I argued that whatever you’re writing at this very moment, and no matter how original you think the idea is, there’s probably a thousand other writers penning something very similar. Theme, the writer’s voice, and the message that drives the narrative is what sets a film apart. Take a look at this for a better explanation 🙂


FCP Multi-Clip Tutorial

July 28, 2008

It’s no great secret that KMN members are talking about shooting an ambitious short film this winter but it’s also rumoured to be a multi-cam shoot.  This tutorial might help when it comes to editing…


Last Night’s Meeting – 23.07.08

July 23, 2008

If last night’s numbers are anything to go by then Spiderhole is going to be a box office hit.

Word got around that Pat O’Neill had agreed to show KMN members an untreated cut of his RED movie, Spiderhole, and the Tom Crean Center was packed to capacity… even Tom Lawlor managed to pull himself away from his hectic workload and show his face (great to see you again, Tom!!).

I was so looking forward to seeing this film and on behalf of the KMN I want to thank Pat for giving us the opportunity to see it; bearing in mind that this version is a first cut and needs a sound mix, score, colour grade, etc.

Pat’s passion, drive and ethos for filmmaking is infectious and one can’t help but be inspired by his efforts. Ever since he showed me around the set of Spiderhole I’ve been trying to pick my jaw off the floor, such was the magnitude of this production… his first feature! Even more impressive than the high-end production values of this movie was Pat’s wish to receive constructive criticism for the film and his willingness to listen to any suggestions or ideas which can help him improve his production.

Pat, you’re a rock star!

Most of the meeting was taken up with Spiderhole but we briefly discussed funding future workshops and some members seem to have very interesting projects in pre-production.  Again, if you’re looking to promote your project and connect with other filmmakers then contact and we’ll plug you on the blog.

Brain, Tom and I discussed travelling to Dingle to meet the Beehive Theater (probably next week)… and we also whispered about an exciting KMN short film that is in pre-production right now.  Stay tuned to the blog to found out how you can get involved!


German’s Prefer To Shoot On Film

July 8, 2008

The Language of Film

July 7, 2008

Ken Stone is a fantastic resource and one of the newer articles “The Language of Film” is a good read for aspiring filmmakers. Check out the article at


Lighting/Cinematography Master Class

July 4, 2008

Brian Nolan has been having conversations with Paul Wheeler –
Author, DP & Lecturer at the National Film/TV School in London
about doing a short course for KMN in lighting & shooting for drama. Check out Paul’s book by clicking on the cover pic (left).

Paul runs a lot of high-end HD courses for Screen-training Ireland and others and this will be a tailor-made, hands-on course to be held in Tralee.

Prices, dates, and times to be announced but please register your interest with Brian Nolan at

This promises to be a great course and one that I’m really looking forward to myself.

written by Maurice O’Carroll


Quantum of Solace

July 2, 2008