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How To Operate a RED One

August 30, 2008

Every geek, nerd, and anorak on the planet knows what a RED One is but not everyone knows where to start in operating one… some of us have never even laid eyes on one although thanks to Patrick O’Neill’s Spiderhole shoot quite a few of us here in the Kingdom managed to get up, close and personal with this revolutionary camera!

Anyway, here’s a brief introduction on how to operate a RED. Click the picture below to be redirected to



Color Grading

August 27, 2008

Good lighting and a strong color grade will help your film stand apart from that “video” look.

When we were in pre-production of A Strange Request we had a definite visual identity in mind for the project. If memory serves me correct, I had just gotten my paws on Synthetic Aperture… which I didn’t know how to use!

Despite fumbling my way through this application and using some basic tools like FCP 3 Way Color Correction and an overlay of a Sepia filter, here’s a look at what can be achieved with a few hours work.





Barry Donellan, our DP, did a terrific job with the lighting and although the original pictures brought ooo’s and aah’s from the crew, we always knew that we were going to desaturate the colours and grade in some greens. Again, this was just a basic color grade but the results were quite striking… and they enhanced the feel and mood of the film.

For Toxic Kinda Love I want to take the Grading a step further using Apple Color for a real high-end studio look. Have a look at the tutorial below to get a sense of what can be achieved in Color.


Spread The Word

August 26, 2008

20 year old Tanya O’Sullivan from Tralee is a rising star and I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be shooting, directing and editing her new music video in the near future.

Tanya is well known for both her musical talents and charity work: all proceeds from her single “Spread The Word” are going to the Make A Wish Foundation. What goes around comes around and when Tanya’s name was mentioned at a recent Kerry Media Network meeting I was only too delighted to lend myself to her cause.

The music video is going to be funky and fresh and we’re going to shoot it at several different locations. More details coming soon…


A Little Bit of Creativity

August 21, 2008

Stick with this one through the opening minute to see what can be achieved with prosumer grade products, a little bit of creativity, and some technical know how..


Directors’ Masterclass with Bill Clark

August 20, 2008

Last night’s meeting at the Tom Crean Center was an interesting one and Brian Nolan, who continues to work miracles on the education fronts (and with our Macs), has pulled off another stroke in getting Bill Clarke to give KMN members a masterclass in Directing.

Bill will also show us some of his new film, discuss scriptwriting and pitching… in fact, Brian tells us that Bill also loves his gadgets and software so it looks like there’s going to be a bit of everything for everyone!  This masterclass is scheduled for Sunday Sept 28th and it’s a steal at just €40 a head.  I’ve already booked my seat and places are filling fast so please contact Brian at to secure your place.

We also spoke at length about some projects that are in pre-production and “Jerry with a J” is producing Niall Flynn’s script in the very near future… more about that in the next couple of weeks!

Brian showed us some of the HD beasts that are on the market today, most notably the EX1… well, that’s not quite true because Brian has a fascination for the JVC HD100 and its filmic look… isn’t it interesting that that “filmic” isn’t a word 🙂

Brian brought our attention to films like Alex Ferrari’s “Broken” and how some technical know how and lots of creativity can make your short/feature look a million dollars.


Blue Orange

August 8, 2008

Blue Orange are a graphic design company in Dublin and they have kindly agreed to lend their support to Toxic Kinda Love.

I pitched the script to James & Liezel Pierce in Roundy’s pub and they have agreed to help us out with designing posters and printing services.

I’m pretty sure I’m right in saying that printed media design is often neglected on the short film circuit and, in my opinion, eye catching posters and smart DVD presentation are an important factor in making a film stand out from the word go.

So… here’s to Blue Orange; many thanks for showing faith in the project and I’m looking forward to working with you!


Hit The Ground Running

August 7, 2008

Pre-Production on Toxic Kinda Love has gotten off to a great start!

A Strange Request was blessed with some fantastic cast and crew and Martin Corcoran, our composer, was one of our key team members and his score added to the high production values of the film.

Thankfully, Martin has agreed to score “Toxic” and he’s more eager than ever to get stuck in.

He also tells me that he has recently upgraded his entire music studio so I’m really looking forward to working with Martin again!