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Screen Tests For Actors

January 31, 2009

Up for discussion at Thurs meeting was the desire to reach out to the acting community of Kerry.  We have a wealth of theatre talent in the Kingdom but a common complaint is they have little opportunity to perform in front of the camera so we decided to organise some workshops and readings.

Hot on the heels of our discussion, Michael Kelly seized the inititiative and has organised a Screen Test Session which will be held at 5pm in Siamsa Tire, Tralee on Fri Feb 13th.

Screen Test Session at 5pm on Fri 13th of Feb

Siamsa: Screen Test Session at 5pm on Fri 13th of Feb

Actors of all ages and experience are encouraged to come along and perform in front of our cameras.  We also want you to feel as comfortable as possible so we encourage you to read a monologue of your own choosing or alternatively, we can arrange a piece/scene for you to perform. It’s a fantastic opportunity to test ones self under studio conditions, gain some camera experience, or bring yourself to the attention of some of our producers who have exciting projects in the pipeline.

Email or for more details about this exciting event.

See you there!


KMN Meeting

January 30, 2009

Last night’s meeting was again hosted by Brian Nolan and with the help of George Doyle and Michael Kelly they gave a fascinating insight to the ever evolving camera technology that is available today.

THE DEMON RED & Canon Mark


Kerry Media Network continues to prove itself as a progressive filmmaking community and at last night’s meeting we got up close and personal with the RED One.  Brian went through the pros and cons and then showed us another snippet of Patrick O’Neills film ‘Spiderhole’ which was shot on RED here in Tralee.  Brian’s knowledge on cameras, software, hardware… just about everything really… is second to none and it was great to hear about his early experiences with RED.

George demonstrates the impresive Canon 5D

George demonstrates the impressive Canon Mark II

George and Michael shared their experiences with revolutionary Canon Mark II and showed us some striking imagery which they shot under studio lighting.  Amazing stuff!

We also talked about the EX1 and it’s abundantly clear that between RED, Mark II, and various flavours of HD, Kerry filmmakers now have the best of kit to make great looking films.  We’ve completed a couple of projects, Spiderhole has been a massive success so far, Toxic Kinda Love is in pre-production and there’s a strong desire from the group to reach out to other artists and get some big projects going this year.

Tom Lawlor – who has kindly agreed to get involved with ‘Toxic’ – is going to sit down with us and thrash out ideas for an actors workshop so if you’re an actor or have an interest in attending such an event, give us a shout!


Toxic – First Draft

January 28, 2009

Toxic Kinda Love is an ambitious short film and I’m going to need all the help I can get to carry this one off.  Anyone with a camcorder can make a short film these days but I want to make something that will grab the attention of audiences everywhere… and it’s do-able!

We’re throwing out the rule book on this one and we’re going to need LOTS of acting talent – not just the typical 3 to 4 actors – and LOTS of great locations.  I’ve already nailed one warehouse but I’m open to ideas from anyone who thinks they can offer locations.  As always, we’re going to need a great crew… I was going to shoot on two or three EX1s but I’m contemplating an exciting alternative.

Anyway, please have a look at the script below (note that it’s a rough first draft and there’s lots of rewriting and tweaking to be done) and it will give you an idea of where we going with one.  The fight scene is sketchily written but again, it will you an idea of where we going.

All crew positions except MUSIC are open to application and I’ve got someone in mind to play RICHARD.  Other than that, I’d love to hear from any one who wants to get involved!