Welcome to the new Kerry Media Network blog where you can keep up to date with everything that’s happening on the filmmaking scene in Kerry. We will be listing full details of our workshops and monthly meetings and we’ll also be following and promoting our members’ projects, screening short films, and profiling various artists and events.

Membership is FREE and we want to hear from drama groups, writers, musicians, storyboard artists, art directors… anyone with an interest and passion for filmmaking. Contact us on maurice@kerrymedianetwork.net or info@kerry.tv for more details about our monthly meetings and workshops.

It’s great to know who’s doing what and where and we hope our network inspires you to hook up with members and get your own project(s) off the ground. We have a wealth of contacts like professional video producers, Samhlaiocht, and KerryIFF to just name a few so there’s no excuse not to see your efforts on a big screen in the near future.

Get connected and get it made!



  1. How can I post some information for your members? Also, can I become a member?

    • Thanks for getting in touch Mary. I’ll have you added to our membership and mailing list and you’re more than welcome to visit us anytime you’re in Kerry! Send your proposed blog information to maurice@kerrymedianetwork.net and we’ll get it online for you.


  2. I am a filmmaker who is in Kerry for 5 days a weeek. Friends hacve told me about your group and i woruld simply like to join?

  3. That’s great, Dermott! I’ll add your name and email details to our database. We’ll be in touch regarding our next meeting. You can also reach us here at the blog or maurice@kerrymedianetwork.net

  4. Hi Maurice,
    Can i join please. Currently in the middle of interactive media course with J Twomey in FAS. Not sure what i’m good at but i’m from Kerry.

  5. look forward to hearing from you.M De Barra

  6. Yo Maurice!
    I just sent a group mail to a KMN meeting mailing list.
    What are the chances and how tough would it be to get a forum up on the KMN site for these kind of jobs? I would monitor it some of the time if necesary…
    Chat soon,

    • Hi Mike, I have absolutely no idea how to set up a forum with the blog 😦  What I can do is look into giving you access to contribute posts on the blog.  I’ve very, very little time these days and am finding it hard to post on the blog so having someone else giving their two cents worth would be great.  I’ll check into it as soon as I get a chance… I remember giving Rory access one upon a time so it is possible.  Warmest regards,Maurice O’Carrollhttp://velvetinestudios.com0667119980

  7. Hi Maurice,

    Aidan Lucid here. How are you? I hope that you’re well. I have a query about critiques for plays.

    Recently, I wrote a play and would love to send it to theatre groups but before I can do that, I’d like to have it critiqued. Now I emailed the Arts Officer in the Kerry County Council and she gave me a few places to email but only one of these replied to me and they don’t offer that service. My query is, do you know of any place in Kerry (preferably in or around Tralee), that would be able to critique my play for me? My play is a 50+ paged horror play set in Ireland in the 1920s and ’50s.

    Any help that you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time in reading this email. I look forward to your response.


    • Hi Aidan,

      Have you tried speaking to anyone at Siamsa Tralee?

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