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Bloom’s Workflow for 5D

September 5, 2009

bloom 5d workflow


Customise Your 7D

September 3, 2009

Control Your 5D With Your iPHONE

August 16, 2009
Click Here For More Information

Click Here For More Information

DSLR Camera Remote is the next-generation cable release for your Canon EOS DSLR camera. Just connect your camera to a WiFi enabled computer and the DSLR Camera Remote software enables you to use your Apple iPhone or iPod touch to wirelessly adjust cameras settings, fire the shutter, review images, even get a live viewfinder preview. DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for remote shooting applications like high or low angles, self portraits and children. With its advanced timers it makes remote monitoring a snap. No internet connection required!

Go to for more information.


Green Screen

April 14, 2009

Here’s an interesting looking innovation – click the pic below.



Four Eyed Monsters

March 9, 2009

FOUR EYED MONSTERS tells the true story of how Susan and Arin met online, how Arin stalked her at her work, and then how they ended up dating but with a rule to never speak in person.  Their lives and minds begin to meld and their fantasies and fears manifest as they become a living breathing Four Eyed Monster.

Susan Buice got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst. After moving to New York City, she met Arin Crumley, and collaboration ensued. Together they created their first feature film Four Eyed Monsters which has made festival rounds, received critical acclaim, and has been self distributed to over thirty cities.  Buice and Crumley are recognised as digital pioneers for the ways they develop content, cultivate audiences, create interactive experiences and distribute their work. They’ve been featured in Fast Company Magazine, the New York Times, Apple’s Hot news and AOLs start up page, and the Wall Street Journal called them ‘New Media Moguls.”

Arin Crumley at the age of 16, began experimenting with low-res digital video equipment, making short documentaries, and abstract video art to display behind his band’s electro concerts. Today, 11 years later, The Wall Street Journal lists Arin among the top 20 new media moguls, and applauds the co-creation of the popular independent film and online video series, Four Eyed Monsters. In late 2002, Arin met his future co-director and collaborator, Susan Buice, beginning a relationship that evolved into the creation of Four Eyed Monsters. The project has become a cult phenomenon. To date, the video podcast has received over two million views, theaters across the nation have booked the film due to its online fan-base, the film was nominated for two Spirit Awards.

Bios sourced from:

Check out the first episode of Buice and Crumpley detailing the birth of the relationship/project.  I almost turned it off after the first minute or so but I’m glad I stuck with it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Siamsa Screen Tests

February 15, 2009

Our Screen Test session at the Siamsa last Friday night was a resounding success thanks largely in part to Michael Kelly.


Michael Kelly at front of house for Siamsa Screen Test

We’ve always known that there is a wealth of acting talent here in the Kingdom and they turned out in force to meet us.  It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come in the past year… for example: our last screen test session managed to drag four people out of their homes one January night.  This time around we had over fifty!

Experienced and talented actors read for us.

Experienced and talented actors read for us.

Some people had never stood in front of a camera before

Some people had never stood in front of a camera before

For quite some time now we have been actively reaching out to the actors and writers in Kerry in the hope of fostering a strong filmmaking community so all of us at KMN were delighted with the response to our latest networking opportunity.  There was a palpable buzz in the room as actors left their individual screen tests with senses heightened, writers got to meet producers and acting talent, and filmmakers pitched various ideas and possible projects for the future.

Jason from Samhaliocht is a natural

Jason from Samhaliocht is a natural

Tom Lawlor helped all the actors with their readings… he even managed to make Rory Kirby feel comfortable enough to get on the other side of the camera and perform admirably!

We feel that this event was a huge stepping stone for the filmmaking community and Kerry Media Network are already in discussion about workshops where we bring all talents together: writers can hear their scripts read by actors, directors get the opportunity to work with actors, and actors get to work with everyone and anyone… and a camera!

Future looks bright for young acting talent in Kerry

Future looks bright for young acting talent in Kerry

As already mentioned, Kerry Media Network has several exciting productions in pre-production and “Toxic Kinda Love” goes into production in April (dates to be announced) and everyone feels excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of us.


MxR Solutions For EX1/EX3

February 12, 2009

I’m just back from a weeks trip to the USA where I first came across E-FILMS who are producing an exciting and cheaper alternative to Sony’s grossly overpriced SXS Cards for the EX1/EX3 cameras.

EX Owners have been exploring other options for quite some time now but the best of them have always looked like too much hard work for me… and one can’t close the SXS door of the camera at the end of the process.  Not only that but Kensington have “run out” of adaptors… I doubt Sony have anything to do with that 🙂

Not to worry, this looks like a solution!


E-FILMS have built a SDHC adaptor specially designed for EX1/EX3 owners that are compatible and operate with the door closed. This clever and cost effective invention is called MxR.

Ken Cassidy – a former FAS student – contacted us about these cards but we were and still are in the process of researching them – however, I have spoken to Peter Mee, an Irish video producer who has been using an MxR/SanDisk Ultra II 16GB on his EX1 for several weeks now.

“The SCHD card slips tightly into the adaptor and after that, treat the entire unit as an SxS card,” says Peter. “It slots in to the camera easily and my EX1 the door closes. On first use, the camera prompts to format the card. Thereafter, it records fine. No problems switching slots etc. I imagine if you treat it like an SxS and don’t power down while it’s writing etc., all should be well.  I’ve taken the entire unit out of the camera and slotted it in to the express card slot on my MacBookPro. The Mac sees the card just like an SxS and Sony Clip Browser sees the files and can copy them just fine. I can also extract the SDHC card from the MxR adaptor and read it in a desktop mac via a USB card adaptor (an advantage over SxS where a special Sony unit is required)”

Peter does warn that there’s a few things to be careful of:

1. You can’t overcrank very much using the cards. They are USB based and have a lower data throughput than SxS. If you overcrank, you apparently get data errors.

2. You should not remove the SDHC card from the MxR adapter while it is in the camera.

3. Data transfer from the cards to the computer can be a little slower than from SxS (Pter has not tested this yet but so far has not noticed a significant difference).

So there you have it… an affordable and seemingly reliable alternative to SXS Cards.  I might even buy a couple myself… or wait until Sony drop their outrageous prices!

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