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Canon Keeps Upping the Ante!

October 20, 2009

Canon have just announced that they will be releasing a firmware update for the 5D which will include 24p and 25p frame rates… and about time!

They have also given us a sneak peek at the all new Canon 1D Mark IV Check out the short film shot by Vincent Laforet and Stu Maschwitz. Both were amazed at the low light qualities of this camera – as evident in the film below.  The 1D doesn’t tick all of Maschwitz’s boxes though and you can read more on his blog


7D Hotness

September 9, 2009

First up is a fantastic video from the best known wedding filmmaker on the planet, Jason Magbanua.  Canon asked him to take a 7D production model for a spin and here’s what he came up with in the short space of time he had the unit. No colour grading!


Phillip Bloom also got his hands on one and shot this low-light stuff in Temple Bar after his recent F-Stop Academy seminar in Dublin. Minor colour balance to take the yellow cast out of the sodium lights.


Bloom’s Workflow for 5D

September 5, 2009

bloom 5d workflow


Customise Your 7D

September 3, 2009

FilmFellas On Weddings

August 22, 2009


Many of us here at Kerry Media Network – myself included – make our living from primarily shooting weddings.  It’s a great job but for many reasons we get a poor rap from film/tv/corporate filmmakers but things are slowly changing thanks to a new breed of wedding videographers… just don’t call them videographers to their face though!!!

FilmFellas has recognised that the days of cheesy video and love hearts are dead (and they see a vibrant market to sell their equipment to!) and the new kids in town are producing epic stories that often look like they were shot on a film set. I met most of these guys at Re:Frame in New Orleans so I’m especially interested in watching the latest FilmFellas webisodes!


Art Of The Producer

August 18, 2009

Clean Up Shaky Footage

August 12, 2009