When “A Strange Request” played at the Dingle Film Festival, the audience were in knots laughing and this is exactly what Rory and I wanted from our film when we first proposed to make it… in fact, some people were still laughing during the following short so you could say that we exceeded our own expectations.

It’s been over a year since we made that first film and now I want to make another… and include as many Kerry Media Network members as possible.

The project is called “Toxic Kinda Love” and the first draft of the script is almost complete. I’m hoping to start production sometime in November and it’s a very, very ambitious project. This time around I want the film festival audiences to sit up in their seats and think “wow, this is a cool little movie” and I want them to still be thinking about it when they leave the screening!

The script is a quirky, action packed thriller with a nice little twist. There is no budget for this movie and we’re literally going to be making it on sandwiches and over several weekends. However, it’s going to be shot in HD on multiple EX1s, we’re going to be using dolly tracks, jibs, several locations, lots of acting talent, and we’re going to throw in a kick ass shoot em up fight scene.

I’ll be posting the script here at the blog over the next couple of weeks but in the meantime, if you think you’d like to get involved just contact me at maurice@kerrymedianetwork.net The more hands on deck the better. Don’t be afraid to let me know how you see yourself fitting in and what you can bring to the project. I’m going to be looking for

  • art designers
  • set designers
  • location scouts
  • make-up artists
  • actors
  • extras
  • sound ops
  • runners
  • assistant director
  • lighting assistant
  • camera ops
  • stills photographer
  • composer
  • after effects editor
  • continuity
  • props
  • producers

Stay to tuned to the blog for more and I look forward to hearing from you!

Pre-Production on Toxic Kinda Love has gotten off to a great start!

A Strange Request was blessed with some fantastic cast and crew and Martin Corcoran, our composer, was one of our key team members and his score added to the high production values of the film.

Thankfully, Martin has agreed to score “Toxic” and he’s more eager than ever to get stuck in.

He also tells me that he has recently upgraded his entire music studio so I’m really looking forward to working with Martin again!


Michael Kelly – a Dublin filmmaker living and working in Kerry – is officially the camera man for Toxic Kinda Love which goes into production in April – dates to be announced.

I first met Michael when he helped out with stills and sound on ‘A Strange Request’ and today he is a key member of Kerry Media Network.  Check out one of his earlier short films Under The Stairs. I love it!




toxicToxic Kinda Love was due to go into production tomorrow but we came to the decision last weekend to postpone the shoot.

Through our connections at Kerry Media Network we were kindly offered the opportunity to shoot the film on RED One but last Friday we learned that the camera would be unavailable for the first day of shooting due to understandable insurance requirements.  Over the course of the next week I’ll sit with the crew and discuss where we go from

here.  I’ve earmarked May 28th to begin shooting and while RED One is still available to us I’m beginning to lean away from the camera.

Toxic – which is of mini-feature proportions – was originally going to be shot on EX1s/Letus and I remain open to this set-up because it allows us more run and gun options than the RED ever can (RED also brings a sackful of headaches into the edit suite).  I’m also considering the Canon 5D or Panny GH1.

All too often we get caught up in what format we’re going to shoot on and all too often films die a death at this early stage as they wait for all the right elements to fall into their laps.  Yes, RED One immediately brings kudos to the project before anyone even watches it but with the right team – which we have – we can make an entertaining film regardless of what we shoot on.

This film was born out of an ideal to bring the talented people of Kerry together and make a great film and I want to steer us back to this principle.  We have a wealth of artistic talent, hardware, and know how at our disposal so let’s pull together and shoot our film. RED One, EX1, 5D, GH1… who cares!


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